SRI Quality System Registrar

Project Description

Already a highly respected registrar, SRI was looking to uphold their reputation as a leader in the industry by developing a new corporate website. To maintain brand consistency, our team outlined a style and branding guide for SRI that was followed throughout the development of their website and its many features.

The newest SRI corporate website is loaded with informative and useful features such various forms (such as quote requests), and interactive bulletin section where both video and audio can be uploaded for display. A level of intricacy is present with pages and sections that are connected via relevant information. A user can be within a particular industry and see related bulletins and standards. Additionally, the full suite of standards is available through a large menu displaying the 20+ links in an orderly fashion. The site also promotes better abilities to market through the use of a featured slider and reaches a wider audience by being responsive and mobile friendly.

  • Corporate website development
  • Data management
  • Corporate Branding Guidelines
  • “Mobile Friendly” Responsive Display
  • Strategic Planning
Project Details
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