Woman-Owned Sustainability Solutions Company Website Redesign

While in preparation for their move from the cranberry/Mars area to their current location in the Pittsburgh’s Strip District. 3R initially contacted 4CDesignWorks to discuss updating their web presence in 2015.

The original website was built with limited content management abilities and served its purpose for the original launch, but as 3R grew from their start-up roots, the website needed to reflect their growth and expanded capabilities.

Over time, 3R continued to evolve and the information and visuals were in need of an update. As new staff members came on board to support the marketing and sales initiatives of the website, the extensive content changes, shift in navigation, and key features were openly reviewed and noted.

Project, Team, Affiliations pages

Following the same time-tested website redesign process, a review of all marketing materials occurred and new home page designs were considered. This visual direction incorporated and/or enhanced previously created angular patterns, and custom created line art icons, reflective of the 3R logo mark and paired them with interesting nature photos. Sections were emphasized through the effective use of a revised color palette, that came with a slight refresh to the 3R brand pulling hues more common with nature, while certain action buttons were made to be more vibrant in order to stand out.

3R Mega Menu & Insights Pages


GDUSA American Graphic Design Award Winner

The prior 3R Sustainability Website was rewarded by it’s unique design approach for this industry, in the area of Online Design!

Platinum DotCOMM Award Winner

The latest website was awarded for Website Redesign.
Project Page & Impact Area Hover
3R Responsive Website Views

Client & Project Information

About 3R Building Sustainability

3R is a women-owned consulting business with a science-based, data-driven, and innovative approach. They provide full-service sustainability solutions to help clients achieve their material business objectives. With a mission to make a measurable impact on the environment and the communities they serve, 3R operates globally as an adaptive firm. Their team of accredited experts, backed by decades of industry experience, excels in integrating initiatives into comprehensive ESG strategies. Based in Pittsburgh’s Strip District and proud owners of a LEED Gold Certified space, 3R Sustainability is committed to creating a sustainable future.

For more about 3R, their capabilities and services, visit their website at https://www.3rsustainability.com

Project Highlights:

  • Strategic Planning and Site Organization
  • Brand Color Palette Exploration and Refresh
  • Custom Icon and Pattern Creation
  • Filterable Case Study Archive
  • Custom Forms and Integration
  • Mobile Friendly / Responsive Display
  • Hosting Migration Guidance & Support
  • WCAG 2.0 contrast ratio and font size standards.
  • Constructing reusable and editable website ‘sections’ through use of a page builder.
  • WordPress Content Management System (CMS) Training.
  • Maintenance Program