Nearly a Decade of Construction & General Contractor Marketing Strategy, Branding, Graphic Design, & Website Support

A premier general contractor and construction manager in the western Pennsylvania area, A. Martini was looking to enhance their marketing and proposal efforts.  4CDesignWorks collaborated with the team at A. Martini to create a corporate proposal that won them a $7 million project in the Pittsburgh area. 4CDesignWorks provided a standardized template for future proposals, as well as eSignatures and an organizational system for their company data, helping to make their business processes more efficient.  They also created an advertisement for a local high school program featuring A. Martini & Co.’s work.

Website Homepage above the fold display

Throughout the years 4C was engaged for many initiatives such as proposal development support, promotional items, process graphics, and safety programs.

A.Martni Social Network Profile Icon
4C also helped bring focus to the A.Martini brand through the creation of their social network profile icons. An abridged version that gets used in a variety of ways today.
A.Martini Direct Mail Advertisement
A direct mail postcard was also created to promote the release of the new website to clients and subcontractors.
A.Martini Proposal Cover and Black & White Advertisement.
Proposal cover and limited color advertisement.
Proposal Word Template
M.A.P.S. Organization System
M.A.P.S. Organization System (Logo and Flyer)

When it came time to update the company website, 4CDesignWorks was contracted to handle the A. Martini & Company brand. After a discovery (review) process that uncovered specific requirements ranging from handling an in place file transfer service, being responsive/mobile friendly, to incorporating a robust project section; 4C presented 3 different directions that the overall website design could go. A favorite off the bat, the A. Martini and 4CDesignWorks team marched forward with a more progressive design that features a unique “building block” approach to the home page.

Website Homepage
Construction Project Page
Construction Project Page
Project File Upload Hub
Project File Upload Hub
Filterable Project Portfolio
Filterable Project Portfolio

We are proud to partner with 4C on our new website and social branding.  The home page and projects sections are particularly progressive. Their support in mobile design has helped to ‘springboard’ AMartini & Co. forward and fuel more growth opportunities for our tenured construction management team.

– Katie Stern, Marketing Director A. Martini & Co. General Contractors

A.Martini Always Act Safely Logo & T-shirt
A.Martini "Always Act Safely" logo & grey t-shirt
A.Martini Saftey Logo Applications
"Always Act Safely" logo applications on various t-shirts, stickers, and limited color options.


Award-Winning Safety Logo Design

The ``Always Act Safely`` logo mark has received an Honorable Mention from the Hermes Awards as well as the GDUSA American Graphic Design Awards

Gold Hermes Award-Winning B2B Website

The website was recognized with a Gold Hermes award in the B2B (Business to Business) Website Design category.

Client & Project Information

About A. Martini & Co.

A. Martini & Co. is a well-known regional Construction Manager and General Contractor offering pre-construction and construction services. As a fourth-generation company, they combine their historical traditions with modern technologies, the company emphasizes customer satisfaction. They strive to broaden their project portfolio, adapt to the latest practices, and deliver exceptional efficiency, accuracy, and performance to meet their clients’ expectations.

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Project Highlights:

  • Corporate Proposals
  • Content & Copywriting
  • Print Advertisement Design
  • Social Network Graphic Support
  • Branding, Corporate Identity & Logo Design
  • Strategic Planning and Site Organization
  • Filterable Project Archive
  • Custom Forms and Integration
  • Mobile Friendly / Responsive Display
  • Hosting Migration Guidance & Support
  • WordPress Content Management System (CMS) Training.
  • Maintenance Program