AR Chambers Supply Website Before & After

Serving the area since 1945, A.R. Chambers Supply has been a staple for great products and materials to support the construction industry in Pittsburgh. The company’s target market includes both commercial clients, as well as consumer focused construction customers.  Known for their iconic location in the Strip District and superior customer service, they needed a new web presence that instilled continued confidence with site visitors.

Backed by years of experience in the AEC industry, 4CDesignworks was brought in and together, we focused on various aspects of their business.  Analyzing the different logos in play, it was proposed to utilize the hand painted text on the building as a unique design focal point for the website itself.  The presentation immediately allowed for key positioning of important details such as hours of operation, a direct phone line, and the address of the showroom!

The new website was built with an integrated Content Management System (CMS), which was tailored to make entry, editing, and management easy, particularly with the connected relationships between manufacturers and products.

Mobile responsiveness was a requirement and the incorporation of an ‘announcement’ area was included to highlight offerings, news, and other alerts.  Such was the case once the website was released in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and portions of the website were continually in-flux, with office hours and safety information requiring regular updates.

AR Chambers Supply Website Mobile Menu & News Article
AR Chambers Supply Website Products Mega Menu
AR Chambers Supply Website Industries Page & Custom Announcement Display
AR Chambers Supply Website Global CMS Feature Section
AR Chambers Supply Website Home Page Event Area
AR Chambers Supply Website Manufacturers Responsive Views

The A. R. Chambers Supply Website Website received an Honorable Mention from the dotCOMM Awards for an AEC Industry (Architecture, Engineering and Construction) Website.

AR Chambers Supply Website Responsive Views

A.R. Chambers offers a wide variety of concrete supplies for the construction, decorative concrete and restoration industries.  They are up to date on all the latest building techniques. They have been a go-to provider for any general contractor looking for knowledgeable product advice on products as well as continued education through workshops. Because of their hands on approach, they also wanted to build out a section for contractor education, and thus the Contractor’s Corner was established. Due to the need to push the site live sooner than anticipated, this portion of the project will be addressed at a later date.

Project Highlights:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Corporate Website Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Content Management System
  • Customized Product and Manufacturer Workflow
  • Mobile Friendly / Responsive Display