A Bold Brand Identity for AEC Marketing Support Consultant

As an often collaborator with the principal and founder of Build Bold, 4CDesignWorks was tapped to create a brand identity and corporate logo direction for this start up business. We started with some high-level sketches that focused on themes often used in the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) industry such as blueprints, line drawings, intersecting angles, while highlighting the company name.

BuildBold Rough Logo Concept Sketches

Logo Design Process

From the 6 logo concept sketches, a focused direction was selected and exploration was done to zero in on what would become the final logo icon.

Logo Icon Graphic Refinement
Build Bold Logo Concept Anatomy
BuildBold Color Guide & Logo Lockups


As with many brand identities, corporate collateral is a must. Proposal covers, stationery and business cards were designed and developed as an extension of the brand to support the company with various sales efforts.

GDUSA American Graphic Design Award

The BuildBold stationery suite was recognized within the letterhead + stationery category of the national competition.
Build Bold Stationery Set
Build Bold Proposal Cover

Capabilities Pattern

The unique “word wall” pattern artwork came about when talking about potential website usage and communicating the various services paired with “build” – extending the brand and pushing the identity further. The pattern acts as another tool in the brand kit for Build Bold as it can be used in a variety of ways. Social media is where the pattern shines, as the artwork can be extended to social network cover imagery and posts where and when appropriate.

Build Bold Pattern Variations
Build Bold Linked In Cover & Profile Imagery

Client & Project Information

About Build Bold LLC

Build Bold LLC is the brain child of Katie Stern, with her background in AEC and offers services catered to clients in the industry. Build Bold acts as an extension of marketing, offering comprehensive consultations to help identify gaps in your marketing strategy and client experience programs and supporting those efforts

View their website at webuildbold.com

Project Highlights:

  • New Brand Identity (Corporate Identity & Logo Design)
  • Provided Logo Files + Branding Sheet & Color Guide
  • Social Media Templates
  • Stationery Suite (Business Cards, Letterhead, Envelopes) and Print Production Support
  • Supportive Custom “Word Wall” Pattern