4CTechnologies was involved at the onset of this start up endeavor to develop a robust, custom scheduling and flagger management system.  In today’s environment of advanced technology and automation, this custom scheduling and flagger management system is the core of their operation. Using location services available via a mobile device, this solution helps the Crews Control team stay in constant communication, saving time and improving efficiency.  It helps ensure that the Crews Control team will be there on the job, every time, on time, to support the client’s project throughout the day.  It also ensures that their billing and accounting processes are operating at optimum levels.

4C’s creative division, 4CDesignWorks, got involved with promoting Crew Control as well.  We helped them build their first website to market their capabilities and attract new clients.  The site features custom photography, forms management and an integrated feed from Instagram.  The site was developed with future expansion in mind, and content development was a key part of the project.  The site was also designed to attract and build their flagger team, so the careers portion of the site was designed to attract certified flaggers to join their team.

In 2020, the Crews Control website was rebuilt to highlight a deeper range of service offerings.  In the two years since inception, additional services were incorporated to accommodate client requests.  These new service lines include trucking and equipment rental.

In evaluating the website, one thing stood out from other competitors.  Unfortunately, much of the photography used looked like stock photography. It did not reflect the terrain and roadways in Western Pennsylvania, or it featured inappropriate PPE.  To account for this 4C coordinated efforts to shoot on-site photography as jobs were taking place in the Cranberry area.  The result nearly 40 high-quality photos that can be used in various materials in addition to the website.

Crews Control new website homepage
Crews Control 2020 on-site photo samples
Crews Control custom vector icons
Crews Control traffic control services page
Crews Control traffic about geographic reach section
Crews Control traffic quote highight
Crews Control mobile navigation on tablet portrait view
Crews Control responsive views

As previously noted, 4CDesignWorks also created the initial version of the website. This first build out eventually became limited in nature as the company grew, internal processes were refined, and services expanded over time.

original Crews Control website responsive views
Website Careers Page & Pre-qualification form to help streamline the hiring process.
Crews Control Webpage & Featured Illustrations/Graphics

Crews Control LLC is a woman owned and operated business that provides certified flaggers for heavy highway, utility, transportation, and/or construction projects.  Crews Control currently operates in Central and Western Pennsylvania, as well as Eastern and Central Ohio and Northern West Virginia.

Project Highlights:

  • Custom Development of scheduling & flagger management application (by 4CTechnologies)
  • Website design & development
  • Contact & Careers forms
  • Instagram integration
  • Pre-qualification Form
  • Graphic Design & Marketing Support
  • On-site Photography sessions