4CDesignWorks met with CSD Pipeline in order to openly review the lack of a web presence and intents to create one. Originally sandwiched into the sister site of CSD Engineers, it became apparent that in order to be given its proper due, this new website needed to have its own dedicated URL. Content management capabilities were essential so that information could be changed and the company’s growing list of projects and services can be changed without hassle.  The trick was to make the Pipeline division look the “same but different” – a challenge we were certainly up to addressing.

The website was created with key features in order to be visible across multiple platforms and from a mobile device, as a large percentage of the employment outreach is targeting those employees that are traveling and/or are on-site in various locations.

CSD Pipeline operates mainly in the oil and gas sector, with a specific focus on Construction Operator Qualification (OQ) Inspection services.  They provide the inspection force to fit varying client needs from a single Construction Manager (CM) to a multi-disciplined field organization.

Project Highlights:

  • Corporate Website Development
  • Content Management System
  • Mobile Friendly / Responsive Display
  • Maintenance Program