Enviro-Master of Pittsburgh is leader in the hygiene industry dedicated to providing restroom cleaning services and products for public restrooms everywhere. They focus on preventing the spread of disease and odors while creating cleaner and healthier facilities that janitorial companies just can’t do on their own. Enviro-Master of Pittsburgh provides high-level services that significantly enhance any business’ image.

Enviro-Master of Pittsburgh was looking to create a tablet-based mobile application to assist in guiding the sales process for business development representatives in the field. 4CDesignWorks was involved from the beginning by presenting options based on the company’s strong and established branding, while creating a step-by-step custom sales tool that can be viewed primarily on an iPad, but still be accessible and managed via a web interface (on a desktop/laptop). 4CDesignWorks established an approval based workflow, grouping/consolidation of services, and streamlined packaging those services for proposals that would be electronically approved on-site. A landing “hub” was created as a lead into the sales process with featured links to resources, the “Total Hygiene Analysis” product, and the agreement development process. A robust set of management tools for administration and tracking was also developed, as well as back-end price management and reporting to evaluate sales progress.