Express Branding For A Regional Water Transportation Company

4CDesignWorks was contacted by a long-time existing client that recently acquired several tanker trucks.  The new entity needed a new logo and initial branding that would identify the new trucks, positioning the small fleet for expected future growth.  The name of the company was already selected and provided, but the requested turnaround for the branding element was quite short.  The design needs were urgent, as the tanker truck cab doors needed to have the US Dot number applied to them and the final artwork was needed for the trucks in about a week and a half.

The design team got to work initially exploring options based off of cleaning up scanned client sketches that were provided.  Additional concepts were created and three different directions were presented for selection.

H20 Express Trucking Logo Design Options (final selection at the bottom)

Once the final mark was selected, 4C ensured the new logo would work well graphically to reproduce in print and at various sizes, shared how it would render on the truck cap complete with the PA Dot number, and how it would look on merchandise or apparel.  We provided everything our client needed to get this done on time.  We fully expect this project will evolve into additional marketing support in the future.

H20 Express Trucking Horizontal Logo
H20 Express Trucking Colors & Logo Lockups
H20 Express Trucking Red Truck Cab Application
H20 Express Trucking Hat
Embroidered logo on a hat. One of the most requested apparel for truckers!
H20 Express Trucking Shirt
What's classier than a logo icon on a collared shirt?
H20 Express Trucking Red Truck Cab Application

Like What You See?

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Project Highlights:

  • Quick (“Express” in this case) Turnaround
  • Competitive Assessment & Review
  • Phased Branding Approach
  • Logo Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Print Production Support