As a family owned and operated business, Koldrok was establish in 1997, providing water and coffee service to residents and business owners in Myrtle Beach, SC. They believe in local and community support.  Until recently, word of mouth was enough to keep them busy. With an eye towards expansion and a commitment to excellence in their manufacturing and distributing process, Koldrok decided to establish a web presence in 2020 to help grow their business and extend their outreach.

Time was spent in strategic planning to help the company define their mission, strengths and positioning statements.  We reached out to several of their good clients to better understand their value propositions and service efforts.  With a growing catalogue of services, Koldrok wanted to have a solid foundation for future potential ecommerce sales and delivery tracking.  They also wanted the ability to manage and change content moving forward.  4C was able to provide the training needed to keep them up to date.

Koldrok Website Homepage

Water is our business, but I am the first to admit that marketing is not my area of expertise. I appreciate 4C’s ability to support my vision and build a robust marketing tool to support our growth efforts. I am extremely pleased with the result and our new online presence”

– Koldrok Waters & Coffee, Inc. Third generation owner/operator, Bob Donatelli

Koldrok Website - Contact Form & Join Sections
Contact Form on Mobile Device & Sections on the "Join Us" Careers page.
Koldrok Contact Footer Area
View of the Contact area seen in the global footer of the website.
Koldrok Products on Desktop & Mobile
Product types displayed on desktop and tablet screens.
Koldrok Website Responsive

Koldrok Waters and Coffee started in Western Pennsylvania as the well-known Rosedale Water Company, established in 1971. In 1997, the business moved to sunny Myrtle Beach where they are very active the local community and are also a member of the South Atlantic Bottled Water Association (SABWA), while providing quality water, coffee, and cooler products.

Project Highlights:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Responsive (Mobile Friendly) Website Development
  • Website Design
  • Content Management