After several years of operating as SRI Courses under SRI Registrar, the company decided to go through the process of renaming and rebranding the wing of operations.  4CDesignWorks was brought in to help facilitate the project and worked with the management team at SRI in developing a new name, over all brand, supportive materials and a new website.

4C kicked off the project by exploring and providing several name suggestions as well as paired creative directions before iQ.Training became the selected name. Once that was decided on – another round of proposed logo directions were created from which the final web presence and marketing materials were designed.

iQ.Training Logo
iQ.Training Branded Materials

Since the new entity and web presence would be replacing SRI Courses, the site had the same goals as the previous one: utilize a calendar application tool that provides up-to-date information on upcoming training courses, online registration and payment gateways, as well as handle the marketing communications of promoting the reason to use iQ.Training for the identified users (those wanting to get up-to-date on specific standards, new employees looking to gain knowledge, and/or those continuing their education for the various standards).

The iQ.Training project yelded several awards including: a Platinum dotCOMM Award (for Continuing Education Website), and 2 Gold Hermes Awards, one for the Stationery suite and another for the logo design.

iQ.Training Website on Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile Phone

Client & Project Information

About iQ Training

iQ Training, an SRI Registrar Company, is a training service organization that offers professional skills development that builds capability, understanding, and application of critical job and career skills. Through certified training courses that are facilitated by practicing and experienced industry professionals, iQ Training uses best-practice methods to take an individual’s ability to the next level.

Learn more about the company by visiting their website at:

Project Highlights:

  • Strategy & Branding Identity
  • Logo Creation
  • Content Management System driven Website
  • Stationery & Training Documentation Template Creation
  • Custom Web Forms