SRI has been working with 4C for nearly 2 decades. The relationship began with custom application development done by 4CTechnologies and extended to 4CDesignWorks in handling various UI (User Interface), graphic design, and web portal work.

Moving away from a fully customized solution that had a restrictive CMS (Content Management System), 4C was brought in to evaluate various solutions to fit their needs. The selected platform was WordPress and the process of building the website began. This version of the SRI corporate website was loaded with informative and useful features such various forms (such as quote requests), and interactive bulletin section where both video and audio can be uploaded for display.

Nearly 2 decades of web portal and custom website development & design

A level of intricacy is present with pages and sections that are connected via relevant information. A user can be within a particular industry and see related bulletins and standards. Additionally, the full suite of standards is available through a large menu displaying the 20+ links in an orderly fashion. The site also promotes better abilities to market through the use of a featured slider and reaches a wider audience by being responsive and mobile friendly.

SRI Courses Website

Already a highly respected registrar, SRI was looking to uphold their reputation as a leader in the industry by maintaining a robust and informative corporate website. To maintain consistency, our team outlined a web style guide for SRI that was followed throughout the development of their initial website and into the build of the SRI Courses website that was released.  SRI Courses later underwent a complete renaming and rebranding, transforming into iQ Training.

As time passed the WordPress website underwent a rebuild that focused on improving speed, security, and other technical enhancements. 4C assisted in migration to a managed WordPress hosting solution and regularly runs routine maintenance on the website as on-call support.

Visually, the website has remained consistent since 2015. It’s design has held up so incredibly well that it has been recognized in 2016 and 2022! The original badge watermark, tri-color band, transparent blues, content card display, call to action areas, and robust footer have only had slight edits over that near ten-years time.

Hermes Gold Award Professional Service Website

The original WordPress website rebuild was recognized with a Gold Hermes award.

DotCOMM Gold Award Professional Service Website

The most recent website refresh was recognized with a Gold DotCOMM award.
SRI Website Webpages
Sticky Navigation and Megamenu display
SRI Registrar Responsive Website Views

Client & Project Information

About SRI Quality System Registrar

SRI Quality System Registrar (SRI) is an international certification body headquartered in Warrendale, PA, with global support offices. Accredited by ANAB, RvA, IATF, and ResponsibleSteel™, SRI assesses and supports conformance to various international standards, including quality, sustainability/ESG, and information security. Customers appreciate access to SRI’s exclusive “e-VENTS” online site for schedules, audit results, reports, and event status retrieval.

In 2023, SRI was acquired by Performance Review Institute (PRI). With a shared commitment to customer satisfaction and technical excellence, this new relationship will enhance value to their customers.

Visit their website at:

Project Highlights:

  • Strategic Planning and Site Organization
  • Brand Color Palette Exploration and Refresh
  • Custom Standards & Industries Archives
  • Hosting Support
  • Shared content through back-end configurations & WordPress development
  • Custom XPage Forms and Integration
  • Mobile Friendly / Responsive Display
  • WordPress Content Management System (CMS) Training.
  • Maintenance Program
  • Intranet & Extranet Portals