Is your law firm website Out of order?

Your website is the digital face of your company. When someone researches law firms for help, the first thing they will do is visit your website. Your site, once it’s found, has a few seconds to make a first impression and get that visitor to take the next step.

If your site is old, slow, or has poor content, it will leave a bad impression.

That potential client will simply visit another law firm’s website. Many industries, like law, have become crowded and competitive. Does your website help you stand out, or does it blend in with all the other outdated websites?

If you were hesitant to update your site to remain competitive, you should reconsider now. Since the advent of COVID-19, the legal field has changed in unprecedented ways. Firms need to respond to their clients’ needs with new resources and knowledge. Some firms are even preparing for more new business because of COVID. Partnering with an experienced web design firm, who can not only build your site but help to guide you through the changing market, is more important than ever.

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If you need help with your website, we should talk. We are familiar with many industries, including law. We have also developed portals and client extranets, offering secure and on-demand access to files and case information. Our clients are unique, but they all address these critical questions:

  1. Is your content management system difficult to use?

    Content management & editing

    Don’t be handcuffed when making text changes throughout your website. We propose to build your site on a foundation of an easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS).

  2. Are you marketing a new practice area to your firm?


    If your website is more than 3 years old, chances are that your practice areas need updated with new content, organizational changes, and new attorneys.

  3. Does your design date you?

    Freshen up your brand & homepage

    Does your firm look like hundreds of others or have an uninspiring logo? What about calling attention to new practice areas and/or your COVID-19 response? A home page redesign or refresh could be in order.

  4. Is the navigation too complex?

    Navigation structure

    Don’t let your users get lost trying get through your website – guide them! This area is also a great place to bring attention to your attorneys, locations, contact information, and community involvement or pro-bono service.

  5. Does your website perform well on a mobile device?

    Responsive website

    This means the orientation of your website will respond to the screen or device size being used. 52% of website visits are from a mobile device, and Google flags websites that aren’t mobile-friendly. If you’re flagged, your site won’t show up early in a search. Don’t miss clients that look for you on their phone.

  6. Are you concerned about SEO and visibility on Google?

    Search and be found

    Google and other search engines need to look favorably on your site. Speed, content, keywords, and other factors all come into play. We can provide support to increase your searchability – or we can help you manage this on your own!

Example webpages for law firm showcasing variety in navigation, responsiveness, visuals, branding, and user actions.

Stand out

Design Works

Many of our websites have garnered national design recognition. We are proud of our award-winning work, but we are most proud of the value and functionality they deliver to our clients. See for yourself the variety we offer our clients in cutting-edge design, development, structure, and functionality.

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