The American Bridge website was in need of an update, and the Marketing team joined forces with 4CDesignWorks to create a new web presence with these goals:

  • A marketing site that highlighted their rich history and complex projects
  • A more expansive project archive that offers access to detailed project information.
  • Close and consistent alignment with their iconic brand.

The marketing website was created accessing the company’s stunning bank of project photography, balanced with bold colors, strong headlines, and minimalist graphics. Each project showcases some descriptive information about the project, while calling attention to some of the finer points.

Different sections of the website, such as Careers and/or Values, have their own appearance and page construction – creating a unique experience for the user as they navigate through the website. The look and feel matches their company newsletter for consistency.

This website project was recognized with a Platinum MarCom award (the highest form of recognition from this competition) in the website category for business to business (B2B) design. The online design also received a GDUSA American Graphic Design Award.

The projects archive was built as a means to provide something of an online library of all the projects the company has completed. Breaking it into its own search application was a way to quickly find a specific project. The landing page refreshes to display a different background at random, again displaying a wide variety of construction and providing visual interest.

American Bridge is a legendary construction company whose projects include a significant portion of the world’s large bridges, marine installations, and other complex structures. Its history, project experience, safety leadership, reputation for integrity and competence, commitment to in-house development of human talent, equipment fleet, and above all, its advanced engineering technology, make the company unique in the entire world.

Project Highlights:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Corporate Website Development
  • Secondary Page Design Support
  • Data Management and Integration
  • Mobile Friendly / Responsive Display
  • CMS Training and Manual
  • Site Maintenance Program