12+ years of website, graphic design, & marketing support

The relationship between Darren and 4C started via mutual community connections in the Murrysville, PA area, where Darren grew up. Darren initially approached 4CDesignWorks for social networking and marketing help as he embarked on his goal of swimming the “Ocean’s Seven” and raising money for the “Forever Fund,” a charitable foundation that he and a friend established.

He needed a brand to communicate this goal and his logo was designed with the influence of water and waves, to reference his intense passion for swimming.  Once his logo was created, a stationary system was devised along with the initial website with online donation capabilities.

A decade of website, graphic design, & marketing support
Award-winning stationery design and logo design

After becoming the first American to complete the “Ocean’s Seven” (and the only athlete to complete the swims 7/7 on the first try), Darren came to 4CDesignWorks again to tailor his brand toward his passion for professional speaking. With requests coming from local non-profits and various companies within the financial industry, he wanted a simple site that would communicate his endurance athletic accomplishments, provide a platform for his established blog, link to his social sites, and highlight that he is available for booking. To accommodate the booking aspect of the site, a request/schedule form tool replaced a contact form and was made available via call-outs throughout the site. A more visual photo driven approach was also utilized to put the emphasis on Darren, his personal and motivational speaking capabilities, as well show his athletic achievements.

Third-generation WordPress Website

The latest version of the website was launched with a visual overhaul, moving away from the original “dark theme” to one that is more consultative in nature, highlighting the blue tones and photography on the topics of speaking, coaching, endurance challenges, and philanthropic interests. Technical improvements were made to increase the speed of the website, provide a hub for event information, content management capabilities, as well as securing contact information and email list building.

Darren Miller Website Pages


Over the years, the Darren Miller brand and website was honored with awards for each version of the website – three to date (with the first iteration being for fund raising/donation acceptance, second version shifting towards professional speaking, and the most recent version launched in 2021).

Corporate Identity & Stationery Design

GDUSA American Graphic Design Award winner for the letterhead and stationery package.

Award-winning Logo Design

The Darren Miller logo was recognized with a Gold DotCOMM Award after it's reveal in 2011.

Website Design Award

GDUSA American Graphic Design Award winner for online design category.

Client & Project Information

About Darren Miller

Darren is a philanthropist, keynote speaker, endurance athlete, and dedicated father. Using his personal journey, his uniquely raw approach empowers his audience, peers, and students by leveraging their own passions to drive success.

Darren is an entrepreneur and the President-Founder of Every Breath A Gift, LLC. He is a renowned keynote speaker and development coach, with a business focused on inspiring strength. Darren’s journey began in marathon swimming and ultra-marathon running competitions worldwide, raising funds for the co-founded Forever Fund at the UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. Notably, on August 29, 2013, he became the first athlete to complete the ‘Oceans Seven’ on first attempts—an accomplishment recognized in the 2020 Guinness Book of World Records. He has been honored with titles such as ‘Top Extreme Adventure Athlete‘ by The Weather Channel and ‘Everyday Hero‘ by Men’s Health.

Learn more and visit Darren’s website at https://www.darren-miller.com

Project Highlights:

  • eCommerce (Initial Online Donation Acceptance)
  • Constructing reusable and editable website ‘sections’ through use of a page builder.
  • WordPress Content Management System (CMS) Training.
  • Maintenance Program