This is a second generation website handled by 4CDesignWorks, with this latest version focusing on refreshing the visuals all while making it more SEO friendly and mobile friendly. Additional challenges for the website is the 3-in-1 combination, as the family of companies is comprised of three different services (memorials, cremation, and pet cremation), each different in their own way. The new incorporates an area that users can leave comments or testimonials, incorporates the intricate graphics that harken back to the craftsmanship seen in many of their monuments, predominant displays the location and each company/service.

The Fred Donatelli Memorials Website was awarded a 2017 GDUSA American Graphic Design Award for it’s online presence and design approach to integrate three distinct services under one umbrella.

The Fred Donatelli Family of Companies is located in the North Hills of Pittsburgh, on Cemetery lane and boasts four generations with close to five decades of operation (in business since 1965). They offer “old world craftsmanship” and the highest quality available in the market today.