George L Wilson Website Before & After

George L Wilson has been supplying quality construction materials for the Pittsburgh area for decades.  They discovered 4CDesignWorks while searching for a web development partner with construction industry experience in order to build a new website.  During the discovery phase multiple topics were researched, including key competition, nation-wide manufacturing companies, navigational outline, and a customized product entry workflow.  The client also hoped to use their new website as a springboard for additional “sister” websites.

The website had a mobile focus to it in order to ensure customers can quickly reach out and contact the knowledgeable sales staff and engineering team.  Consolidating space on the home page is a button listing with all the locations direct lines featured in the top portion of the website, which has been particularly useful for customers trying to reach specific locations quickly.

The GLW website has received recognition in the form of a Gold Hermes Award in the category of website redesign! See more of about this announcement and other award winning work by reading this article.

The Content Management System (CMS) was also tailored to make entry, editing, and management easy for the marketing team that has to manage several companies and the various locations.

The workflow for the website includes an inter-connectivity between manufacturers and products, and several items that have global application to them such as the 4 locations, featured products and manufacturers area, as well as elements that can be tailored to the page or topic such as an action banner.

George L Wilson Website Responsive
GLW Steelworks Landing Page

Steelworks Microsite

George L Wilson had the second phase in mind with the original website effort. That phase was to integrate a more dedicated section to the SteelWorks side of the business.  This microsite highlights the rebar fabrication side of things and provides customers with more direct access to quoting and calling the West Virginia office that handles this line of work.

This microsite can be found within the George L. Wilson website but has a dedicated form, specific navigation, and rebar bends and specs that give their customers a visual separation from the rest of the GLW website.

GLW SteelWorks Floating Navigation
GLW Steelworks Dedicated Contact Form
George L Wilson Steelworks Microsite Responsive

The George L. Wilson & Company has been serving the construction industry in Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia since 1969 and is the tri-state’s number one source for high quality construction equipment and supplies. They have 4 key locations with one in West Virginia and 3 in Pennsylvania.

They staff an experienced engineering team and sales representatives that are available to help select the materials you need for your next construction job.

Project Highlights:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Corporate Website Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Content Management System
  • Customized Product and Manufacturer Workflow
  • Mobile-Friendly / Responsive Display
  • Phased Approach – Microsite Addition
  • Sticky Navigation