The Midwest-Lotus Users Group (MWLUG) holds an annual conference showcasing technology and software breakthroughs, tips and tricks, city landmarks and design.   In 2012, the conference was held in Pittsburgh, and the 4CDesignWorks team was hired to create a variety of promotional materials for 4CTechnologies and the conference.  The team created the initial logo, the registration web graphics, social networking outreach (including scheduled Twitter and Facebook posts) and presentation materials.

Project Highlights:

  • Logo & Identity
  • Social Networking & Social Business
  • Corporate Presentations
  • Event Management
  • Trade Show Exhibits
  • Keynote Speaker Presentations

4CTechnologies was the platinum sponsor of the event, and provided the speaker (4CDesignWorks’ own Kathy Olek).  The presentation featured the social business aspect of the group, with a fun giveaway of a “social” toolbox.  At the end of the event, the team got a shout-out from co-organizer Richard Moy!

Midwest Lotus User Group (MWLUG) Social Branding Outreach was recently honored with an American Graphic Design Award in the category for Self Promotion. The 4CTechnologies, 4CDesignWorks & 4CGeoWorks Tradeshow Pull-up Banners won their own American Graphic Design Award in the category for P-O-P, Displays, Signs & Exhibits. The “Build A Better Business: Social Toolbox Presentation” also won this award in the category for Keynote Speaker Presentations.

MWLUG Booth Appearance & Giveaway Item
MWLUG Platinum Sponsor Booth area