The Noralco Corporation is recognized as one of the leading experts in site excavation and demolition in the Pittsburgh area, but for one particular, well-known, but out of town client, Noralco found themselves in the middle of the mix as part of the standard bidding process, presenting their services against their direct competition.  In order to shine and demonstrate all of their exemplary capabilities, they brought in 4CDesignworks to help them organize and effectively present the many benefits of using their services.  From history to experience, and from processes to client references, and from team biographies to case studies and testimonials, 4C was able to respond fast to help Noralco assemble a proposal booklet to help them shine in the bidding process.

This began with an update to their brand, which the client felt was necessary to compete effectively on this particular project.

Noralco onsite Advertisement
Noralco Logo Update

The existing logo, while treasured for its historical significance, was very involved and detailed…and somewhat dated.  4CDesignWorks gathered and reviewed all available marketing materials and printed information about the company in order to better understand their business.  The existing mark involved many components, including company name, full and intricate views of two equipment illustrations, a wrecking ball image that was coming from the left side.  4C’s new approach involved an element of simplicity, creating a mark that can be easily used and applied at any size or color orientation.  This “stamp” approach to branding portrays Noralco as progressive, innovative and modern, and brings the look and feel of the company forward.

Noralco Case Study Sheets

There’s no question that this new graphic direction helped to define the approach to the new Noralco proposal booklet.  Company colors of red, grey and black were pulled through, and icons were used to identify key differentiators.  The booklet included an explanation of the their demolition and site excavation processes, as well as case study pages that could be pulled out and used in any marketing effort.  Team biographies were included and references compiled.  A complete table of contents and tabbed sections were added for easy reading and continuity. 4C developed all of the content to ensure consistent “voice” and flow.  We also managed production and delivery to the client.

Noralco Presentation Sections
The revamped presentation included the creation of process graphics, icons to demonstrate key features, and interior photography artwork alongside the cover.

We were most impressed with 4C’s attention and turn-around. We had a professional proposal to use within a week’s time that met all of our needs. This new proposal will be a great foundation for future marketing initiatives.”

— Mike Zampagna, Project and Quality Manager

The design team at 4C had an extremely tight deadline to complete branding explorations AND develop a new proposal booklet for Noralco, to be ready at a moment’s notice meet with the general contractor.  The booklet helped to give the Noralco team a clear guide for their formal in person presentation and confidence that all key differentiators were presented in detail.  This tool will no doubt serve as a foundation for future marketing initiatives.

The Noralco Corporation is family owned and operated, known by many contractors in the Pittsburgh area for their rich history and their expertise in demolition and site excavation.  Established in 1952, Noralco is widely respected by the local construction community as the premier “go-to” partner in their industry.  They have many well-known demolition and site excavation projects under their belt, for large, prominent clients and GC.s.  Their local clients include such prestigious firms as PNC, CMU, Consol Energy Center, UPMC, Bakery Square, Phipps Conservatory, the Civic Arena, and many more.

Project Highlights:

  • Strategic Planning & Branding Identity
  • Logo Creation
  • Proposal Design
  • Case Study Design
  • Content Creation
  • Graphic Design
  • Production Management