As a longtime client, PJ Dick, Trumbull & Lindy Paving reached out to 4CDesignWorks in order to revamp their company safety initiative. This endeavor entailed creating an orientation video and hand out materials, in addition to a focused section dedicated to safety. The Safety portion of the project was made up of a Presentation (slide deck), a printed version of the presentation, hand outs and workbooks. This program was also extended toward subcontractor jobs as well as leadership training, which focused on education (or continued education) of foreman and employees on job sites.

PJ Dick, Trumbull & Lindy Paving was honored with a Videographer Award of Distinction for their training video.

Project Highlights

  • Video Support
  • Presentation Materials

The team at 4CDesignWorks was organized, creative and resourceful in coordinating all the moving parts of this complex project — I love the way our new company orientation video looks and how nicely it all came together.  We’ll be able to use this valuable resource for years to come.  I can’t thank them enough for all they did!

– Jennifer Howe, Corporate EEO and HR Officer Trumbull, PJ Dick & Lindy Paving