Company Evaluation

4C was brought in to discuss the possibility of building a new website and actually bid on the same project twice.  The initial step was to complete a site health check, in which we identified both the strengths and weaknesses of the existing site. We were awarded the project based on our strength in the AEC industry and our understanding of PWCampbell sales, structure, and operations. As part of this initiative, competitive analysis and review were done to cover all bases and determine if there were any other suggested considerations to take for the company, beyond just rebuilding the website.

PWCampbell Competitive Review
Competitive Review for PWCampbell outlining existing website to other organizations in the same space.

New Branding & Logo Development

Out of that competitive review, one thing stood out – the potential need to look closely at the company branding and consider a rebranding to better reflect the new capabilities, services, and segmented services that the company offers. This recommendation was made as part of the detailed presentation to the company steering committee.

PWCampbell Logo Before & After

Concept Collaboration & Refinement

To consolidate efforts, 4C provided 4 different brand directions for the company, each with new marks and conceptual directions. The selected option came from a collaboration of PWCampbell’s internal marketing and design team that focused on the concept of the “new door” symbol for architectural blueprints. The shape was refined, and typography was selected to bring the brand together. Branding guidelines were created to help keep consistency for the new logo.

PWCampbell Logo Concept Inspiration and Design Exploration
PWCampbell Logo Presentation: Color & Lockup Options


A key component of the new brand is its usability. The arch shape lends itself to transitional breaks for photos, sections of copy, color changes, and supportive patterns. The pitched design applications made it a clear winner for PWCampbell as the process took the next step into marketing.

Branded Applications for PWCampbell
Stationery Design for PWCampbell
PWCampbell Best in Class

Best in Class

The branding process and evaluation consisted of internal and client interviews to get a sense of what makes PWCampbell different from the competition. Both groups of individuals echoed the same statements that PWCampbell has the best offerings for financial construction initiatives all in one place. This led to the birth of the Best in Class moniker and the creation of a supportive logo as well as a video.

Website Redesign & Rebuild

Initial website home page design options were created as part of the different brand directions. This saved time as the sections and elements that were overwhelmingly agreed upon found their way to the final presentation. Focus was turned towards refinement of the site map, sub-pages, and subsequent content creation. 4C assisted with this task and was instrumental in the creation of informational pages for the new Best in Class mantra as well as the Open Door page that explains the new branding and methodology.

PWCampbell Website Before & After
PWCampbell Website Custom Icons

Services & Design-Build Process

With the identified capabilities in place, the services were broken up for easy navigation. Each marquee service has supportive services within and acts as a hub for the user to see the capabilities that PWCampbell brings to the table.

PWCampbell Website Services Pages

Portfolio Projects

The projects portfolio was a big item for the new website. 4C helped refine the options for sorting and categorizing these so that the 2 main financial institution types (Credit Unions and Banks) would have options to see everything as well as a more narrowed view of the types.

PWCampbell Website Portfolio Pages

Team Web Pages

Wanting to showcase their people, the new brand was incorporated into each staff member’s web page. An echo of the logo symbol holds the person’s photo, while a unique color acts as the background for the above-the-fold area on each of these pages.

PWCampbell Website Team Pages


Gold Hermes Award

The PWCampbell logo won Gold for logo design

Platinum AVA Digital Award

The new website won Platinum in the Website Redesign Category

Honorable Mention AVA Digital Award

The Best In Class (Company Overview) video won for short form web video

Client & Project Information

About PWCampbell

Established in 1910, PWCampbell has aimed to provide an unparalleled experience, building on the legacy of the past while striving for innovation for the future. They use their expertise to create customized solutions that often exceed clients’ expectations, truly living up to the Best in Class philosophy. Not only do they design outstanding facilities; they build lasting relationships with their clients and are active with state leagues and associations within the financial industry.

View their website at

Project Highlights:

  • Competitive Analysis & Review
  • Internal and External interviews
  • Strategic Planning & Marketing Support
  • Slogan and tagline Development
  • New Brand Identity (Corporate Identity & Logo Design)
  • Corporate Branding Guidelines
  • Business Collateral (Press Release templates)
  • Website Design and Graphic Design Support
  • Supportive Custom Patterns, Secondary Logo, and Icon Graphics
  • Videography (filming, editing, animation, and assembly)
  • Mobile Friendly & Responsive Display
  • WordPress Content Management System Training
  • Hosting Migration Support
  • Ongoing Maintenance