Rockerz, Inc. provides great surface solutions for commercial projects. They recently decided to expand their offerings to include residential services. In making the move to take their services on tour, the company is able to deliver the same successful process and materials used for the commercial side of their business to residences and in-home surfaces. Because 4CDesignWorks cultivated a working partnership with the Rockerz organization by developing various online and marketing initiatives in recent years, we were tasked to handle a large portion of the online roll-out of the newly established Rockerz Residential.

Rockerz Residential brand guidelines and exploration
Rockerz Residential brand guidelines and exploration

The first step of this project was to refine the logo and brand.  Different options were reviewed, such as those that distance the appearance of Rockerz Residential totally away from the parent brand.  The decision was ultimately made to refine the elements of the logo and create a new illustration, utilize the existing “Rockerz” type, and create a more cohesive unit within a tighter ‘badge’ lockup.

Once the brand was in place, a temporary one page website (sometimes called a “splash page”) was published while content was developed and approved.  This page had some limited information, outlined some of the offerings, hinted at services to come, and provided a quick form contact for those looking to hire Rockerz for their residential projects.  Terminology and service offerings were finalized, slogans were developed, and the main website itself was built out.

Rockerz Residential temporary splash page site
Rockerz Residential website sticky navigation display
Rockerz Residential website above the fold of home page

A strategic decision was made to showcase the Rockerz Residential website in a brighter appearance through use of various terrazzo patterns, colors, and sizes. This is shown right in the main navigation area.  Rockerz, Inc. has a darker background with a white logo, and the Residential side would use the reverse.  This keeps everything looking familiar and relational, while providing enough difference that it can quickly be explained to a potential client.

Rockerz Residential website services highlights
Rockerz Residential website global footer
Rockerz Residential website contact

Another key adjustment was the calling out of a commercial services link.  This sends users that may have found residential first and/or might have a commercial need as well.  It was viewed as the best way to create a flow from Rockerz Residential to Rockerz, Inc. without being intrusive to the site.

Photography was provided, reviewed, adjusted and integrated throughout the site to showcase the 4 key services of polished concrete, hardwood resurfacing & installation, epoxy coatings, and driveway/garage resurfacing.

Ongoing work on this project is still underway, with exploration of possible truck wrap displays taking place.  Be on the lookout for a Rockerz Residential vehicle sometime in 2021!

RockerzResidential truck wrap example

The Rockerz Residential website was honored with a Gold MarCom award in the category of Professional Services Websites.  The vehicle wrap design for the trucks also won a GDUSA award in the Surface Graphics + Vehicle Wraps category.

Rockerz Residential website responsive views

Rockerz Residential Surfaces bring over 20 years experience to the various surfaces within your residential area.  Just as the parent company (Rockerz, Inc.) – they provide the same high quality service, durable products, and expert installation.  A key difference is that they self-perform all residential and commercial projects.

They currently service the Pittsburgh area as well as Florida, with plans to expand to service the same national reach that Rockerz, Inc. covers.

Project Highlights:

  • Brand development and Corporate Identity System
  • Content Management System driven Website
  • Graphic Design
  • Responsive Website Design & Development
  • Social Network Support