Sargent Electric already has a strong presence in media, however they were in desperate need of a website refresh. The original site needed to be reorganized and rethought, with the user in mind. The website was to extend to the mobile arena and had to be structured for growth. The principals at Sargent Electric made the decision to partner with 4CDesignWorks, based on exposure to their creative work along with their consistently growing experience and recognition in Marketing, Design and Social Networking.

The large website had many levels as it had to restructure the navigation, promote recent projects, display a connection to their history and business ethics and provide the ability to quickly contact the company for more information. The result was an organized and user-friendly website that was well received by members of the Sargent community.

The website was also the recipient of an Mar Com Award (Honorable Mention) in the Business to Business (B2B) Website vertical.

The team at 4CDesignWorks was very helpful in explaining the importance of a responsive and readily accessible website in today’s mobile-ready environment.  I was also very happy with the CMS training I received as part of the experience. I feel empowered to manage our website now and into the future.

– Sargent Electric Company Amie Petruzzi, Marketing Assistant

Sargent Electric Company has a long and proud history with more than 100 years of experience. Established in 1907 to serve the thriving steel, glass and coal industries in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Sargent Electric Company has since evolved into one of the largest electrical contracting companies in the area, providing comprehensive services to their clients in all segments of the electrical contracting industry including oil and gas, steel-making, refining, chemical processing, foundries, and electrical power generation (coal, combined-cycle and nuclear). They continue to support the diverse and ever-changing industry needs.

Project Highlights:

  • Strategic Planning & Organization
  • Robust Online Portfolio
  • Contact Inquiries
  • Optimized for Mobile usage (Responsive)