4C has been a collaborator with the principal and founder of BuildBold for many years. That relationship was what led to the introduction of 4C to Sheesley & Associates for a potential new website. 4C put together a comprehensive review to present to Sheesley that highlighted the company compared to the competition, existing digital marketing, and branding opportunities.

Sheesley + Associates Previous Branding
The previous logo for Sheesley & Associates in a competitive landscape of logos.
Sheesley + Associates Previous Branded Materials
Previous collateral, signage, and application of the Sheesley & Associates logo.

Prior to meeting with the company, the design nerds at 4CDesignWorks were quick to notice the potential limitations of the existing branding and doodled some ideas for refining the existing logo. This became a discussion point and 4C was chosen to create the new branding and website for the company.

Sheesley + Associates Before & After Logo and Color Update

New Branding & Logo Development

Design concepts were sketched and an initial round of 6 different directions was presented. From there 2 were selected and refined along with possible applications and website hero options.

One key adjustment was the use of a plus, as opposed to an ampersand when writing the name. In design the “& Associates” was also dropped from the logo presentation. This helped consolidate the logo and helped with readability at different sizes. The final logo was selected for its unique “S cube” visual, flexibility in lockups, readability at various sizes, as well as large shift in color.

Brand Color Change

The brand color had always been orange, but with environmental offerings becoming more of a staple as well as the competitive field of logos that featured warmer colors (reds, yellows, oranges) – green was selected to make a drastic change to the brand itself.

New Sheesley + Associates Logo Design


Initial corporate materials were needed, such as stationery and business cards, but additional needs from truck magnets to blueprint plan cards to patterns and custom icons to denote services all played a part in the extension of the logo and completed the picture of the new brand.

Sheesley + Associates Branded Applications
Sheesley + Associates Stationery Print Management & Email Signatures
Sheesley + Associates Project Sheet & Team Member Bio Templates

Website Redesign & Rebuild

The website rebuild portion of the project focused on further integrating the new brand by presenting the services with custom icons, housing news posts, showcasing projects as case studies with imagery and brief information, and giving a glimpse into the knowledgeable team that makes Sheesley + Associates a successful company through fun personal information.

Sheesley + Associates Website Before & After
Sheesley + Associates Website Services & Associations Pages
Sheesley + Associates Website Projects Pages
Sheesley + Associates Website News & Contact Pages
Sheesley + Associates Website Team Page

Client & Project Information

About Sheesley + Associates

Sheesley + Associates is a trusted, multi-disciplinary consulting firm offering engineering, surveying, and environmental management solutions to clients in both the public and private sectors. They are a certified WBE company and registered PA DOT business partner with two locations in Pennsylvania.

View their website at https://sheesleyassoc.com

Project Highlights:

Competitive Analysis & Review
Strategic Planning
New Brand Identity (Corporate Identity & Logo Design)
Branding Sheet & Color Guide
Corporate Branding Guidelines
Stationery Suite (Business Cards, Letterhead, Envelopes, Forms, Electronic Signatures) and Print Production Support
Website Design and Graphic Design Support

Supportive custom patterns and icon graphics
Social Media Templates
Business Collateral (Project Case Study templates)
Exterior Signage & Vehicle Applications
Mobile Friendly & Responsive Display
WordPress Content Management System Training
Hosting Migration Support