A. Martini & Co. maintains a long tenured partnership with 4CDesignWorks having done a variety of work such as brand refinement, proposal work, safety logo design, website design, development, and support.  As the new year was approaching work began discussing strategy and graphic development for an anniversary brand.

Building off of elements used for the safety logo as well as the Art Deco feel of the timeless logo font, a new “70 Years” anniversary mark was created.  The mark was intended to be flexible system that the text can be presented in a variety of ways on the web and when produced on shirts or other giveaways materials.

Anniversary Logo, Advertisements & Gift Basket
The marketing coordinator built on this brand by creating additional awareness through extended use. For example, the mark was also featured in a client recognition gift, internal staff mementos and print ads.
A. Martini & Co. 70 Year Anniversary Logo Design

Once the logo was approved, work began on options for the interactive online timeline.  The primary requirement was for it to be visually engaging and prompt a user to explore the information within the microsite.  This timeline is ‘activated’ upon a user scrolling, where each entry has a key year and some brief facts presented as the website background mirrors the showcased image.  In many cases there are historic photos of building sites, advertisements, employee photos, and even high school pictures!

View the historic timeline by visiting: https://amartinigc.com/history-timeline/

A. Martini History Timeline Microsite - starting point
A. Martini History Timeline Microsite - active 1990 entry
A. Martini History Timeline Microsite - active 2016 entry
A. Martini History Timeline Microsite - ending point
A. Martini & Co. 70 Year Anniversary Home Page Refresh

A revised home page was done for the primary A. Martini GC website that showcases significant projects through a feature slider with the idea of representing the past and present buildings.  The original home page ‘grid’ effect was kept in the form of 6 tiles under the feature slider, each linking to marquee pages within the website (the project hub, safety, leadership team, the history page, pre-engineered building services, and news).

Extending the celebration to informative social posts based off the time entries is an ongoing initiative.  Look for these images and fun facts to fill your 2021 social timeline!

A. Martini Home Page Social Post lightbox display
Initial history timeline social post on the website homepage.
A. Martini 70th Anniversary social post for 1988
A. Martini 70th Anniversary social post for 2008

A. Martini & Co. was founded in 1951, and provides Construction Management and General Contracting services in the Pittsburgh region. They have been in business for over 70 years and 4CDesignWorks has worked with them for over 5 years creating everything from Safety logos, to advertisements, to their company website.  For more on this work see this portfolio page.

Project Highlights:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Branding Identity / Logo Creation
  • Print advertisement templates
  • Responsive (Mobile Friendly) Microsite Development
  • Graphic Design Support for Social Networks